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Event Medical Services

Who We Are

We're Different Than The Rest!

Backstage Health offers you a complete medical practice for your special event. We are comprised of Nurses, EMTs, Covid Compliance Officers, and Physicians tailored specifically to support the health and safety of live production, concerts, venues, festivals, conventions, sports events, and many more.

There is no event too big or too small, we do it all.

Now Serving

TV, Film, Studio and Music Productions

Concerts, Venues, Movie Theaters, Live Theaters

Conventions, Arenas, Casinos

Business, Commercial Organizations

Private, Confidential Events

What We Offer

We provide on-site licensed medical professionals and treatment dedicated to your event and your guests, from rehearsal until the final show.

First Aid Stations

We provide First Aid Stations for your event's minor medical needs, band-aids and scratches. Standby EMT or RN for life threatening emergencies.

Advanced Practice Unit

Standby RNs, EMTs and on-site or Tele-health Physician/NP.  Our on-site services include over the counter medications, IV Hydration, breathing treatments, staples and stitches, glucose check, and much more.

Event Safety 

The majority of your guests can be treated and released on-site, thus not requiring expensive ambulances on standby, allowing them to return to your event as a happy customer! 

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